Derute Consulting Cooperative is proud to support the Reformation Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, WI by facilitating strategic planning around assets and challenges, sustainable models, and leadership. Derute will facilitate activities around the following goals during 2019 and 2020: 

  1. Identify the current assets and resources that can be leveraged to strengthen the church’s mission. 

  2. Provide opportunities and encourage members to address the historic, current, and anticipated challenges that stand in the way of its ability to enact its mission. 

  3. Build the capacity of organizational members to collect and use data to inform its ongoing sustainability, improvement, and advancement toward its vision.

This project is led by the following team members: 

Jacqueline Robinson-Hunsicker, Ph.D., an educator, applied anthropologist, and faculty member at Milwaukee Area Technical College in the Social Science Department where she teaches anthropology and diversity courses. Her areas of consulting experience include curriculum development, culturally relevant teaching, and equity trainings in educational and religious institutions.

Laura Porterfield, Ph.D., an associate professor of Social and Cultural Foundations in the Educational Foundations Department at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. She teaches courses in urban education, cultural and social foundations of education, and philosophy of education.

Decoteau Irby, Ph.D., an organizational leadership scholar who focuses on learning design for continuous organizational improvement specific to racial equity. He develops systems, routines, and leadership capacities that increase equity within organizations.