Join the Campaign for Black Male Achievement!

Derute Consulting Cooperative has committed to a long-term partnership with the Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA) to facilitate the development and advancement of the Black Male Achievement (BMA) field in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We center our work around lifting up Milwaukee's homegrown BMA heroes and elevating action and conversation about the state and resilience and needs and aspirations of Black men and boys in our community. Join the CBMA movement today!

Promise of Place: Milwaukee

In CBMA's 2015 Promise of Place City Index Report, Milwaukee received a featured city rating prompting its inclusion as one of five initial "deep-dive" Promise of Place cities wherein CBMA is targeting resources and investment to impact the BMA field. The four other initial cities include Baltimore, MD; Detroit, MI; Louisville, KY; and Oakland, CA.

Milwaukee's Promise of Place work includes a unifying strategy to bridge the divide between Milwaukee's north and south-side communities; a fundraising campaign to launch and support targeted efforts and scale proven interventions in 2018; technical supports to help the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County strengthen its BMA efforts; and backbone support to help coordinate Milwaukee's on-the-ground BMA-MBK efforts.

CBMA will release a second edition Promise of Place City Index Report in early 2018 which will again profile Milwaukee, WI.