Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
— Nelson Mandela
Dominque Duval-Diop, Ph.D.

Dominque Duval-Diop, Ph.D.

Dr. Dominique Duval-Diop is an accomplished policy analyst and geographer with over fifteen years of experience working in government and non-governmental organizations in the US and overseas. Utilizing statistical and spatial analysis, she has assisted non-profit and governmental institutions to develop informed policies targeted at ensuring the economic and environmental resiliency of communities made vulnerable by poverty and natural disasters. Her current work focuses on conducting trans-disciplinary research to influence the political ecology of networked governance approaches to sustainable development and the promotion of resiliency in communities throughout the world. An important part of her work is the development and implementation of participatory research strategies that building the capacity of youth and community groups to effect change in their communities.

Professional Background – Dr. Duval-Diop began her career working with the Louisiana State Legislature where she served from 1997-2001 as a budget analyst helping to implement an innovative performance based budgeting system in state departments. In 2004, Dr. Duval-Diop was appointed as a research analyst for the Louisiana Commissioner of Administration. Following the catastrophic hurricanes in 2005, she served as the Louisiana Recovery Authority’s Director of Long-term planning. In 2006, she became the Performance and Reporting Manager monitoring state and federal rebuilding policies. Dr. Duval-Diop became the first African-American female to graduate with a doctorate from the LSU Department of Geography in 2006. She was then employed from 2007-2009 by the equitable development think tank, Policylink to ensure equity in the Gulf coast rebuilding process. After working as an independent consultant in the Gulf Coast and West Africa from 2009-2012, she served from 2012 to 2015 as the Secretary General for the West African Network of Marine Protected Areas.

Areas of consulting expertise: Spatial Analysis and Mapping; Policy Data Analysis and Policy Development; Climate Change and Sustainable Development; Disaster Response and Resiliency; Community Capacity Building and Youth Development

Sample publications, awards, or accomplishments:

Member of the IUCN Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (Theme on Governance, Equity and Rights; Specialist group on Sustainable use and livelihoods), 2013 to present

Effective Leadership Program Fellow, Center for Leadership and Public Values at Duke University and the School of Business at Southern University, 2008-2009

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