When the philosophy of man changes, everything changes.
— Abraham Maslow
Cindy Clough, Ph.D., OT/L

Cindy Clough, Ph.D., OT/L

I am an educator who has developed an unwavering commitment to providing opportunities for transformational learning pertaining to social justice and equity for all people. My life experiences as a first generation high school graduate, first generation suburbanite, and white woman in pursuit of higher education has led me on a journey of developing understanding of issues pertaining to the institutional and social structures that maintain marginalization of people by race, disability, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. I am interested in furthering the social understanding of how disability, race, and other identities intersect to compound the effects of marginalization.

Professional Background: I am currently an Assistant Professor at Mount Mary University teaching in the Occupational Therapy Program. I received my Master’s degree from UW-Milwaukee in Administrative Leadership and my Ph.D. from UW-Milwaukee in the Social Foundations of Education. These educational experiences have led me to lead and teach social justice education as it pertains to both education and health care. Working with individuals with a wide range of disabilities throughout the life span and developing a specialty working in special education programs for over 20 years, I have extensive background in the intersection of education and health systems with historically oppressed groups of people. I find urgency in the need to change systems that created the social and institutional inequities that persist in contemporary society. I believe that transformative education to this end requires a deliberate and well-planned process addressing the underlying beliefs and biases that individuals and groups hold toward marginalized peoples. Witnessing changes of mind and heart that lead individuals toward honoring the humanity and dignity of all people is what I most seek from my life’s work.

Areas of consulting expertise:

Disability and inclusivity, inequity in health systems and health outcomes, understanding racism through the lens of whiteness.

Publications and presentations:

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